300Tph-850TPH Gold Beneficiation Crushing Line

300Tph-850TPH Gold Beneficiation Crushing Line

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Slag introduction:

Slag is a by-product of the blast furnace ironmaking process. It is the reaction of silica, alumina and other impurities with lime to form a melt with silicate and aluminosilicate as the main components, which is quenched into a loose and porous granular material, which we call blast furnace slag.

From a production point of view, slag powder is the abbreviation of granulated blast furnace slag powder; from a physical point of view, slag powder is a granular slag powder material processed by slag through certain equipment; slag powder is a high-quality concrete participating compound powder; Therefore, with the continuous increase of the scale of industrial production in China, the discharge of slag has also increased a lot; based on the industrial application of slag powder, the promotion of recycling of slag resources has also opened up its application market;

Selection of slag grinding equipment:

The first step of recycling gold tailings is to knock and hit tailings to make them loose. Because gold tailings of the customer company have been placed for as long as 40 to 50 years, tailings are hardened. What's worse, the winter in Kazakhstan is almost endless and freezing, which means the sedimentary tailings have higher humidity and hardness compared to common tailings.
The customer had strict output demand for pre-processing of tailings. After multiple analyses of material, climate and customer demands, instead of using ordinary impact crushers and jaw crushers, Our Company's engineers recommended screen-typed double-geared roller crushers to the customer.
What surprises us was that the customer did not come to our headquarters from initial negotiation, contract signing to equipment delivery. How could he trust in Our Company so much? Perhaps the answer lies in Our Company's overseas office in Kazakhstan. Our colleagues in Kazakhstan visited the customer company several times, showing the customer Our Company's production strength and experience. Therefore, the customer decided to cooperate with Our Company finally.

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